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How to speed up downloads in Internet Download Manager (IDM) in just a click

We have previously discussed and compared the most famous download accelerators, DAP and IDM. I have also stated that IDM is my personal favorite and most fastest and reliable. Among with it, I also told you that IDM is the software in which several tricks and hacks are found day by day. Today I am posting yet another trick to increase the download speed in IDM. By Default, To Increase the download speed in IDM, you have to change many things like the type of connections, connection speed, max no of connections to 16 … etc. Doing all these are very easy task but even then many user have doubts and problems regarding this. Now I found an application for windows, which can  do all these for you in just a single click and can boost your download speed to a great extend. The name of the utility is called IDM Optimizer

How to Use IDM Optimizer to increase the download speed of IDM

  1. Download IDM optimizer from the link below
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Cancel all the IDM Downloads and close the IDM from task bar
  4. Open the file named IDM Optimizer
  5. Now click on “Maximize Now !” button
  6. The speed has been increased. Download a file with IDM to see the change in speed
With this trick, You can increase your download speed to a great extend. I’m not claiming you can double the speeds but you can experience more than a 150 % increase in your download speeds !

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  1. I don’t know about these tricks about the IDM, when I know that these tricks after that I find that my downloading speeds increase my more time then previews days. Thanks for such a nice tricks.

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