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5 Free Handy Online Tools For Making Your Site An Eye-candy For Your Readers

Web-designing is the art of developing awesome web sites which can conquer the heart and eyes of the visitors and cause their return and admiration. There are a lot of premium themes available for whatever kind of websites you want and there are even many great designers wandering in the freelance forums who can make your site an unforgettable memory for your visitors.

A nice design is a must for every websites and yes, it’s a little expensive and takes time to get that one. You can even create one if you go through some actual tutorials in youtube or other tuts portal. But the thing with designing is, sometimes It is WEIRD ! For those who can’t through dollars or time to make your site to something they call ‘Awesome’, Try using some neat free/premium skins and modifying it with those bunch of free tools available. They will surely Tell – “It’s Awesome” !!

Here I am listing the 5 Best Free and handy Online tools that can helps you to make your web site more attractive. I’m only listing the best websites in each category and you can search for alternatives if you want. But Best ones listed here are always the best ones – Remember that !!

#5) Background Generator ;-

Whenever I designs a website / blog or modify one, this is the first tool I uses. This is a simple tool that helps you to generate truly awesome and eye grabbing background patterns. You can use a variety of colors, styles and options and sees them live before you download. This is completely free and is very useful if you are designing a new site or thinking of changing your default Background

#4)CoolText ;

This is another free and handy tool for web-designers. This website can create a wide range of beautiful logos. They have different Fonts, effects, animation etc and you can use them to design your own header logo. A Beautiful logo will always give your website a look and a brand !

#3)Google Fonts

I’m listing this not because they have the best fonts in the web, but they are the most fastest as they are from google servers. They have a lot of marvelous fonts that you can use in your blog to style them. A change from the defualt web fonts will surely takes your site to a new level and gives it a premium look

#2)CSS Sprites generator ;-

This is a new feature and even though it has nothing to do with the look, It will surely incrase the perfomance. A must check tool for all webdevelopers. This tool will help you to create a sprite image by combining multiple small icons. This will join these images and makes it a single one and saves time whenever the page loads, making your site more faster !

#1) Free ;- 

Do I need to say more ?? The name Itself speaks out !! is the most popular Free vector directory that you can use to get free vector images that you can use on your Websites. On the Free Vector website you will find thousands of quality vector graphics created by talented illustrators, free wallpapers, logos, icons and templates and their database is updated everyday with new and new images.

This came as #1 in our list because we can rely upon this website for almost any kind of images a web designer needs. They provides awesome wallpapers and gradients that you can use as backgrounds or slideshows, Marvelous Arts and vectors on almost any topic that you can use in your blog posts / ebooks / sale pages etc,  Logos to brand your blog and products, Icons you can use to create buttons / tabs etc, Vector arts that you can be added to the background of your free theme making it a unique one etc !! I really love this site and whenever I find myself in need of any vectors or Images, this is the first place I would check and they had never disappointed me.

If you are a web-designer or web enthusiast, then this is one of the ‘must bookmark’ tool for you. I’m sure this tool will come in handy many times and you will not regret it !


I hope these 5 tools will come handy for you and you will surely love these . If you need to share anymore similar tools, you can share them below !

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  1. Great tips, thanks! I’ve been thinking that I need to jazz up my background graphics!

  2. wow awesome article and useful for me for improving my content..thanks for sharing your great views !! You Got me to thinking about different things to look for, and to look out for! Thanks again!

  3. Gagandeep Singh

    But won’t these tools makes our website slow and heavy?

  4. Gagandeep Singh

    But won’t these tools makes our website slow and heavy? What say?

    • Well, There Improper use does so. But if you use it in a controlled scale, It could make your site look more attractive and won’t be much hassle.

      Always keep an eye on your page speed while using them !

  5. Page speed is very much important, i agree but adding more tools to our website sometime makes a website slow which can affect our website for getting bounced

  6. Think how would be your performance if compared with both situations.
    You can set the size of this file manually if you’d like or you can accept the defaults. Most Internet browsers save your last visited web pages for up to 30 days.

  7. I hope the election went well for you and also the exam. You have a lot of pressure on you at the moment so I hope you had a relaxing Thanksgiving

  8. Hey, all the 5 tips are very useful. Although i think these will increase my webpage loading speed, but am ready to take that much risk. Thanks for sharing this useful article.

  9. I agree but adding more tools to our website sometime makes a website slow which can affect our website for getting bounced

  10. To get business success the visitors is the basic need. In online business, effective design plays a big role in this regard. The marketing strategies are also necessary steps for getting the desired purpose.

  11. Rajeel, I think you are a professional blog designer
    I like this post. I will follow you to learn how to create amazing websites to atrract more visitors. i will use these 5 tools. I hope they will work effectively for me. thank for your sharing

  12. I was gob smacked by your article and was wondering if there’s even
    more to come? How I wish so!

  13. i agree with you, web designing is a great art.You have creative your website very effectively it is useful to attract the peoples to subscribe into your website.It is true and good work to your website.

  14. Great article with good content. Can be helpful to elevate the ideas of designer to reach reader.

    Thank you.

  15. Nice and very informative post

    Great list . It is very important for every blogger and web master to bring traffic to their web page.
    This article mentions 5 tools that help us to gain tool is the one which i have never used . After reading its features I think it should be surely given a try.

    I hope this article would be helpful to many others especially beginners.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Every tools mentioned here will come handy on your quest through web. Freevectors can give u awesome graphics for your websites. I’m glad that u had been using the rest !!

  16. The importance of graphics, photographs, and design cannot be over-stated in web marketing. However, they must fit your business. They can be very short-attention-span, so they have to be useful as well as attractive to your prospects.

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