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How to Install WordPress locally with easyphp on windows 8 and win7

WordPress is a free software which you can run on any webhosts including your own localhost server in your computer. This could be really useful for you if you are a newbie to wordpress or a wordpress developer and you can test your new blogs, experiments etc on your own computer instead of wasting money on hosting. Every wordpress user must have a local server installed on his computer to check out risky themes, plugins, developments etc on a demo blog. Apart from the costs, There are plenty other reasons that forces you to do experiments in your local server itself.

Why EasyPHP ?

There are a lot of local server softwares like XAMPP, WAMPP, EasyPHP etc, But i personally suggest EasyPHP as it’s a lite application that is easy to download and use. IT has a simple user interface and minimal design and supports PHP. It has everything that a wordpress blog needs, But unlike other softwares it’s free from unwanted scripts and size. It hasn’t got support to everything but supports WP and is really fast as it is a lite tool.

Downloading and Extracting EasyPhp and WordPress

Installing Easyphp is far more easier than other big softwares. You can easily download the script for easyPHP and it just takes a couple of minutes as the file size is too small. Also download WordPress software too to your computer.

Install EasyPHP to your computer. It’ll take only some minutes as you can go through standered installation procedure. After Installing EasyPhp, Extract worpress to any of the localweb folder in EasyPHP directory. It should be something like


Now you have the needed softwares, we can start setting up your wordpress blog locally. Let’s start with creating a Database

Creating WordPress Database

This is the first step in creating a wordpress blog. You have to create a database for wordpress to install. It’s easy as you can do it through phpmyadmin which lets you do the process through neat GUI easily. For this go to Localhost and click on the open button neat the PhpMyAdmin. This will take you to phpMyAdmin

Now you have to create a table in the name ‘wordpress'(Preferred, you may change it if needed).

For this go to phpMyAdmin –> Database –> Create Table —> Enter Table name –> click on “Create”

Now you have to create a user in phpmyadmin. For this go to phpMyAdmin –> Users –> Add user and enter the values as follows

User name : The username needed for your WP blog

Host : localhost

Type in a password and make sure to check the box with “Grant all Privileges …” and check all in Global privileges 

Now the Database for your wordpress is set up !

Famous 5-minute Installation

WordPress have the “Famous 5 minute Installation” which you can do with ease. Just go to localhost/projects/wordpress It will be redirected to wordpress/wp-admin/install.php and you just need to type in the name of Database, username and password you created in the steps above. After it’s done, Click on submit and your blog is ready !

Once done, you can proceed with entering your site Name and description

Click on “Install WordPress”. Success, Now wordpress has been installed on your localserver successfully. You can use the username and password to login to wordpress.


Happy Blogging !!

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