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How to protect your Facebook Account from hackers

How to protect your facebook account from hackers

Facebook is the encyclopedia where all your personal informations lies and which everyone loves to break into and play with. Eventhough Facebook is trying to improve it’s security and privacy options day-by-day, there are a lot of Facebook accounts getting hacked day-by-day. Since it contains most of all your personal informations and is linked with the accounts of all of your friends, families and society, it ... Read More »

What to do when your Email account get hacked / hacked / Compramised

How to recover your compramised email

It will be a situation that you can’t imagine, when your email account get hacked. It’s the worst of all the nightmares and is something you can’t even think of. Today, everyone’s personal / business email accounts contains a lot of details like bank account details, family pictures, business documents, Hidden secrets, conversation …… There’s everything someone could use to ... Read More »

Protect your facebook account from faceniff / firesheep hackers

Last day I shared the Info about the app called faceniff, which can be used from your android phone to hack your neighbour’s facebook account, through wifi network. It is easy to do so and works as both comes from same IP and one of the main drawback of faceniff and firesheep -yet another hacking utility-  is that, they can’t ... Read More »

How to prevent people from tagging you in their albums

The most annoying feature in facebook is the friend tagging feature, i must say. In every photo, facebook automatically suggest the people that may be tagged and if we are tagged in the photo, we will be annoyed for every comment that someone makes in it. I’m even tagged in the picture of several flowers, taken by my friends (i ... Read More »

How to turn off sticky keys in windows 7 ultimate

I think you have read several posts about sticky keys and how to disable sticky keys in windows xp and all. Sticky keys is one of the ‘famous’ function of windows. If we use it properly, it will be very useful and can make computing easy. It will make the keys act as they are sticked and can be used ... Read More »

How to make changes on a PDF file

PDF or Portable Document Format can’t be modify/editted by normal means. Here is a simple tricky tutorial on How you can edit / modify ( Make changes ) to a PDF file. Most of all Files from the internet are given to us in the form of PDF [portable Document Format], which we can’t edit, erase or modify. The main reason of ... Read More »

Top 10 and Best temporary/disposable mail services around the web

Spams are the greatest headache for a real internet users.You may have experienced it several times.Te best way to escape from spams are to keep your mail IDs secret.You may not put it in wherever they ask, instead you can use any disposable mails for this purpose. Many people are using temporary disposable mails for their sign-ups in various forms, ... Read More »

How to protect pendrive from virus ? prevent the entry of virus to your USB drive and increase it’s speed of perfomance by formating it in NTFS file system and making as ‘Read Only’

Pen drives (memory sticks / USB drives / thumb) ranges it’s storage capacity from 64MB to 256GB, They are very small in external size and It has no harm even in scratches or dusts.So, thereby it’s very handy and portable.As most of all computers supports USB, There wasn’t even the need of an extra plot for using this device.These all ... Read More »

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