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How to clear chat history in Facebook – Delete all messages in facebook in a click

Facebook is now a common platform that everyone uses to connect and chat with your friends. Nowadays FB chat is more popular than Gtalk or skype as it helps to get in touch with all your friends and you don’t want to add them separately to your contact list. Many a times these chats or messages are private or personal. If you fear that your account is compromised or if there are chances that others may view them in/not in your presence, then it’s better to clear these chat history and delete all the messages in your Facebook account. There is no much use with these old histories unless you want to use them as reference or else. But if somebody sees it, It may be another matter. So it’s always better to delete the messages in facebook and clear the chat history.

But Facebook doesn’t provide the option to select these messages/chat history manually and delete them altogether  So we have to delete them one by one, which is almost impossible and it takes much time to do so. So here are some 3 simple tips or methods to Delete all the messages in facebook and clear the chat history.

How to clear the chats history in Facebook  – Delete all messages in Facebook in a click

Method 1 : With simple javascript 

This is a easy method I found from web and had customized it to make it work properly. You don’t need to download any special softwares for this and this will work on all browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, sea monkey, Flock, Opera mini, Dolphin, UC Browser, Android Browser, epic etc which supports bookmarks You just need to add the below given link into the bookmarks, open the facebook account and  then open the bookmarked tab. This will automatically deletes all the messages in the screen. To do this, follow the steps given below ;-

  1. Copy the link below and add it to your Bookmark history. You can do this by copying the code given below and manually adding it to your book mark. Alternatively, You may Drag the link to your bookmarks tab. If you are on chrome, you may have to press Ctrl + Shift + B ” for the bookmarks tab to appear. Just drag the link and drop it to the Bookmarks tab

    Javascript to Clear chat history ( Right click -> Copy link address )
    Drag me to the Bookmarks TaDelete all facebook messages

  2. Open the Facebook and navigate to Facebook – > messages
  3. Now click on the Bookmarked link on your bookmark tab. All the Messages will be deleted clear Facebook chat history

Method 2 : By using Google chrome 

if you are using Google chrome as your browser, then you can make use of this free add-on named Facebook Fast Delete Messages to your chrome browser. This will create a button called ‘Delete all”  above the Facebook messages / chat history. By clicking on this, you can easily remove the entire chat history and messages in a single click !

clear all chats history in fb


Method 3 : For Firefox users

If you are a fire fox user, then you can Delete all the messages and clear the chat history on Facebook by installing a simple script called Facebook Message deleter. You need to install Grease-monkey script on your Firefox browser first to make this work !

Link :Facebook Message deleter

Link : Greasemonkey

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  1. I think in these days every one is familiar with facebook. Thanks for giving tips. By the way i know how to manage history thanks for the tutorial!! i love it !!

  2. Infact there is no way of erasing text messages in facebook. They should apply a way of deleting.

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