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How to get approved for BuySellAds (BSA) Easily

BuysellAds is one of the most popular and rapid growing ad-network on the web. It gives the bloggers the best oppertunity to sell out their ad spaces and make good amount of money from it. The process of selling banners instead of CPC is really helpful for bloggers to earn a stable extra income and most of all bloggers prefers this. The network gives a fair share of about 75% to the publisher, deducing their commission.

But since every bloggers are interested in joining in it the market is being crowded and BSA is somewhat strict in case of allowing new publishers. So It’s a little harder for newbies to get into the BSA market. We know that there are a lot of people trying desperatly for getting accepted into Buysellads and even many in Forums are selling the Buysellads accounts. Easily get accepted for BuySellAds (BSA)Gey

Well, getting accepted into BSA is not much trouble if  you maintain a good blog and original content. To get accepted into Buysellads easily, just make sure that your blog satisfy the below given Criterias.
Tips to Get Approved In BuySellAds

1.[Most imp] No subdomains – You must have a Domain ;-

This is one of the most important yet unfortunate policy of Buysellads. They never accept a free blogs hosted on or They only accept established websites with custom domain names
2. Content Is The King

Well everybody knows this. Unless you have fresh and original content, no ad networks are going to accept you into their network. Buysellads is rather strict on this and you must have genuine and fresh contents and before applying make sure that you have at least a 50 posts in your blog


3.Alexa Rank is Very Important

Alexa rank is very very important for BSA. Alexa traffic ranks are (told to be) accurately depending on the traffic a website receives and so the buysellads take special care to avoid websites with high Alexa ranks into their market. They only accept websites with a very low Alexa rank or websites that have a rapid decrease in their alexa ranks.

So to get accepted into BSA, you need to maintain a very low Alexa rank. The best way to improve Alexa rank is to place an Alexa widget in your blog and to get maximum pageviews, especially from the US and Asian regions.


4. Clean and Attractive web design

Another factor that BSA Emphasies is on the website looks. Nobody loves to place an advertisement on a website which is very nasty and dull. So Before applying, try to get yourself a great responsive and Elegant theme and give your website a standerd look by adding a logo, much content, widgets and reducing the advertisements.

5. Social Media and Followers

BSA looks greatly on your social profiles as the number of followers you have shows the number of loyal readers for your website. They really look forth to the facebook fanpage and twitter followers for your blog. So while applying work hard to improve your social media rankings and likes.

6. Domain Age

Age matters everywhere. Buysellads will never accept a new blog into their network unless it proves to be woeth it ! They give much preference to domain age as it shows the experience of the website and it have some SEO advantages also. Make sure that your blog is atleast 3-6 months old before applying to BSA.

7. Fresh Content And Update Regularly

Updation and freshnes is a important factor of any blog. So try to convince the BSA tram that your blog is a very active blog by posting too often. While the BSA team is reviewing your site, make sure that you post atleast 1-2 posts everyday ! This will be having high effect on your chance for acceptance

If your blog can maintain the above given 7 golden criteria, then no doubt BSA will accept you into their network. You can trust me on that.

NB: Make sure that you doesn’t apply before maintaining these criteria, because BSA seems to have less interest to the sites it once declined. So make sure you never get declined anytime ! Only apply once you are sure that you will get accepted into the network

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