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How to Remove limitations from streaming platforms: watch unrestricted videos hosted at MegaVideo, Veoh, MegaUpload etc

Megavideo, Veoh etc are also some of the most common video sharing sites, just like Youtube. Megavideo is quite popular for their huge collection of movies, and Veoh too. Eventhough they provides you the option to view the videos, they clearly hame certain restrictions / time limitation. In Megavideo there is a time limitation of 72 mins and in veoh a time limit of 5 mins. After you have crossed the allowed time limit, you will be asked to buy a premium account on their site or you will have to wait……………..!!!

Megavideo contains several movies and several people use it to view movies. Similarly Veoh too is the paradise of several movie clips and TV shows. But the 72 minute limitation in Megavideo and 5 minute restriction of veoh and all are such an irritation for me everyone. There are several ways to bypass these time limitations / restrictions. Here we are discussing about the simplest of methods to remove time limitation / restriction from online streaming video sites like megavideo and veoh.

How to Remove the 72 minute time limitation in Megavideo a nd 5 minute restriction in Veoh ?

If you just google, you may find hundreads of tricks to Remove the restrictions in any Online Video streaming platform sites. Some of them include hard steps like clearing your previous records, setting a new IP ..etc and some others may just tell you to use any 3rd party sites. Here i am introducing the simplest of all the methods – Just to install an application in your web browser.

This application – named Illimitux is supported in the world’s most used browser – Firefox and also the upcoming popular browser Chrome. If you install this add-on, then you can view Videos without the restrictions of 72 minutes or 5 minutes, from any online video streaming sites.

It is told that with this plug-in, you can also do parallel downloads from Megaupload without speed limitation and without any premium account. It is also possible watch Veoh files without the official player. It will auto-detects the supported platform and show a box where user can remove all limitations.  They have tried their level best to make this plug-in handy and simple.

Download the Plug-in from the link given below

Link :

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