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Samsung CHAMP secret codes and security codes

Samsung CHAMP is a touchscreen phone released by samsung on 2010. It has been popular among the youth due to its style and cheap cost. It runs on the JAVA OS by samsung. Here are the list of codes and security codes used in samsung champ mobiles.Samsung_Champ_secret codes

1.How to format the phone – If you want to format the phone and erase all the contents, type the code *2767*3855# the phone will be formatted. Do not forget to backup your files or data from phone’s memory as all the datas will be erased in the process.

2. How to your see IMEI or mobile serial Number on samsung galaxy champ – dial *#06# to display IMEI of your Samsung Champ phone.

3. How to test Bluetooth settings on samsung galaxy champ – dial *#288378# to test your phone Bluetooth on samsung galaxy champ

4. How to Access FM menu on samsung galaxy champ –  dial *#368378# on your samsung galaxy champ

5. Access File Menu  on samsung galaxy champ– *#638378#

6. Browser menu on samsung galaxy champ -*#2769737#

7. Check battery Status on samsung galaxy champ -*#9998*228#

8.displays software version on samsung galaxy champ -*#9999# –

9. Reset factory settings on samsung galaxy champ -*#7780# –

10. Phone software and hardware information on samsung galaxy champ -*#12580*369#

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  1. hi, i just bought a samsung champ duo, but the problem is always restarting everytime im calling, or even im not calling….. what will i do, should i bring it back to the store or is that normal?

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