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Top 5 microsoft office Alternatives – Products like Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office packages doesn’t need any more introduction.MS office like softwares They are the most popular and most used office softwares and includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access etc. They can be used to effectively manages many kind of works within an office and an office suite is self sufficient to run even a complete small scale office.

But anyhow, MS Office is a propitiatory software and you need to pay for it. Also, It doesn’t comes along with Windows by default. You have to buy a seperate licsense for it.

If that’s the case, Why don’t you try these free Microsoft office like products. These are the best alternative programs for Microsoft office

#1) OpenOffice :-

OpenOffice is yet another Complete office suite like MS office which includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and form application. It’s also popular like MS office and the best thing is that it’s a FREE SOFTWARE. Openoffice is very similar to MS office and all versions of MS office files are compatible with it. i.e, You can modify and work on MS office files in Open Office. It is available for various platforms like windows, mac os, linux etc and is owned by Oracle

#2) GoogleDocs :-

This is a free web based office package from the Giant Google, and it contains alternatives for all major office softwares like word, excel and presentation etc. This service is entirely web based and Free. You can start using Google Docs if you have a valid gmail account and a working Internet connection. It’s also easy to share and portable, that makes it popular.

3)Zoho Office :-

ZOHO office another similar web based office suite which contains word processors, spreadsheet, presentation, database, planner, charts, wikis etc. Most of the applications are free to use, But needs you to pay if you want to enjoy it’s advanced features. The whole system is web based just as in Google Docs and so is portable and only requires a working internet connection

4)IBM Lotus Symphony :-

This is a free office suite which is a derivative from and contains all office softwares like a word processor, a worksheet and also a presentation maker. Its completely free to use and is cross-platform compatible – It runs with ease in windows, mac and linux. This have been highly rated by users due to its easiness of use and advanced features

5) ThinkFree Office :

This free office suite is also web based and can run on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. It also supports mobile phones like android, blackberry, symbian etc which makes it portable to all platforms. It also contains a word processor, spread sheet and presentation and is accessible from anywhere in the world.

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