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My email account was Hacked !! : Over 450,000+ Emails hacked from Yahoo Check if your Mail is Hacked

Yup It’s true. My Email account and passwords were Hacked !!

The attack on Yahoo voice is one of the Trending topics of the week. It has been reported that a group of hackers calls themselves as “the D33Ds Company”  claims to have hacked into the database of Yahoo and stole the email and password list by exploiting an SQL injection vulnerability found on a Yahoo sub-domain. It is assumed that the affected yahoo domain was Yahoo Voice, formerly known as Associated Content. Sadly I had an account in Associated Contents.

The hackers have hacked about 450,000 emails and passwords list from the yahoo service and since many people use same passwords for different websites, there are chances that you may get affected ! It is confirmed that hackers have found the loophole in a Yahoo server and exploited it. The leaked information includes MySQL variables, database tables and a huge list of 453,492 email addresses and passwords in plain text.

“The subdomain and vulnerable parameters have not been posted to avoid further damage,” the hackers says. They also stated that they had done this to show off the lack of security and vulnerabilities in the servers.

Not only just Yahoo accounts, other email accounts including gmail and hotmail accounts have also been hacked. The list is assumed to be lost from the old Associated contents (now Yahoo Voice) website and if you had an account in it, there are chances that it may be compromised !!

One of my Gmail email account have been found in the list and I was notified this when I log onto Facebook, and immediately they made me change my password and the very next day, I got a message from Amazon that my password has been reset.

Amazon Password reset

Then Afterwards, I got a similar message from yahoo too

Without even thinking I changed my passwords of all major sites.  But I had only set simple password for my associated content account and also it is reported that only 5 % of the hacked accounts have the  valid passwords (i.e, Passwords that they use in all sites).

Anyway, If you had an account in this service or have any doubts The best practice to do today is to change you password right now.

  • Make it a combination of letters, numbers and special characters
  • Change it randomly
  • Have Different passwords for different sites

How to  Check if your Mail is Hacked ?? Get List Of Hacked Email Accounts & Passwords

I strongly advice you all to check if your mail has been compramised. It’s not a big task. The list of the hacked emails are now available online. Go to the list, and search if your name comes up in it.

You can get the list of all the hacked emails in here.

Alternatively there is another list of all passwords too. You can also search if your mail is hacked by the latest yahoo attack by comparing your passwords also.

You can get the list of passwords leaked from yahoo voice (associated contents) in here


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