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How to Identify the theme used in a wordpress blog

There are a lot of wordpress themes available, Free and premium. But most of the good sites loves to use customized versions or their own themes. Many a times we would be stunned by the beautiful themes many wordpress blogs are using and would be going crazy to identify which WordPress theme that particular blog is using. It can be easily found out if they leave a footer note saying “xxx theme created by yyy” !

But many of the customized themes does not shows such a credits, I don’t know why but maybe as the owners of the blogs might be trying to make it their secret stuff, whatever the reason be, It’s hard to find which theme it is and on which framework it is working.

Now here is a solution if you are trying to identify the name of such a wordpress theme.

Step 1: Go to this link

Step 2: Just enter the URL of the WordPress blog you want to check the theme

check which wp theme is it

Step 3: click on ‘Check site’

Now you will get all the information about the theme that particular blog is using. You can see it’s name, author, If it’s a child theme or not, It’s parent theme etc.

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  1. This is one innovative post. I wanted to search such information but don’t know what keywords to put but now I got your article and I’ll use it.

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